2nd Sundays on 2nd Ave in Crockett, California

2nd Sundays on 2nd Ave in Crockett, California

On August 13th, 2023, Crockett, California hosted the inaugural 2nd Sundays on 2nd Ave event. The festivities unfolded on 2nd Ave, spanning from Pomona to Wanda St., from 2-6pm. Attendees enjoyed a delightful blend of entertainment and food, making it a memorable day. The event culminated with a performances by Long Road Society musicians at Toots Tavern, capping off the day's excitement.

What is 2nd Sundays on 2nd Ave in Crockett?

Local business owners in Crockett initiated Crockett's 2nd Sundays on 2nd Ave to actively engage the community and breathe life into the beautiful downtown area. They decided to put their own spin on an old-school block party concept, aiming to create a vibrant end of summer atmosphere. The party coincided with an event at Toots Tavern on Sunday, August 13th, offering attendees a day filled with entertainment and activities. This initiative drew both locals and visitors to enjoy the festivities and explore the downtown district while supporting local businesses.

Local Businesses Participating in 2nd Sundays on 2nd Ave in Crockett

Sidewalk Vendors at 2nd Sundays on 2nd Ave 

Delicious Food at 2nd Sundays on 2nd Ave

If you've visited Crockett on a Sunday afternoon, you're aware that food choices become limited. Most local restaurants typically close early. However, 2nd Sundays on 2nd Ave seizes the opportunity to change that by allowing local food trucks and restaurants to set up shop, generate excitement, and serve delectable meals to the community. The event featured a diverse range of food options, catering to every taste, including those with a hankering for a refreshing sweet treat. At the Sunday, August 13th event, attendees had access to five delightful food choices, all within a one-block radius.

Amazing Events at 2nd Sundays on 2nd Ave

The Cat Vintage hosted 2 events at the first 2nd Sundays on 2nd Ave. The first event being the debut of The Cat Club - our Retro VHS Theatre and event area! Patrons enjoyed popcorn, treats, and viewing of The Goonies and The Lost Boys on VHS. We also hosted Rachel Sterling Smudge who offered Life Path Tarot Readings to clients. 

In addition Township Apothecary hosted a "Straight From the Kitchen" Natural Facial Demo in their lovely space.

The day was rounded out with a sold out Long Road Society show. Performers Mikayla McVey, Kit Center, and Levi Thomas created sweet serenades against a gorgeous backdrop filled with flowers from Flowers Fresco and their friends farm. Special guests included Ben Bourdon and Desiree Cannon.

2nd Sundays on 2nd Ave Grows the Local Economy

The first 2nd Sundays on 2nd Ave in Crockett was a resounding success! Some locals noted that they witnessed more people downtown at one time than they had seen all year in Crockett. Attendees relished delicious food, while live music, movies, and various forms of entertainment kept everyone engaged. Local merchants experienced a significant surge in foot traffic, thanks to the concentrated efforts of a few local business owners. Overall, the proactive organization by these business owners had a profound and positive impact on the local economy for the day.

Enjoy these pictures of the first ever 2nd Sundays on 2nd Ave in Crockett taken on our Sony Cybershot. 

1-80 Crockett Overpass, Pomona St Exit Hella Bomb Tacos outside Toots Tavern in Crockett CASugar City Sundry in Crockett Ca on 2nd Sundays on 2nd Ave August 13, 2023Oakland's The Sunshine Prophecy at 2nd Sundays on 2nd Ave in Crockett, CAThe Traveling Museum brought their collection of Retro Lids (hats) to the 2nd Sundays on 2nd Ave event in Crockett, CAFlowers Fresco popped up in the Old Emporium in Crockett CA for the first 2nd Sundays on 2nd Ave eventStonedog Artistry brought a gorgeous display to the 2nd Sundays event in CrockettKathy Kupper brought out the Pottery for the event!Hella Bomb Tacos and D's Shave Ice kept everyone full and happy outside Toots TavernDan from the Crockett Signal with Jessie from The Cat VintageMIlano Arts in Crockett, California


And some more images from our 2nd Ave friends Resplendent Resins!

The Flowers Fresco gazebo inside the Old Emporium in Crockett, California

D's Shave Ice serving up delicious home made mochi on top of their shave ice

Bobby Mac's BBQ Joint debuted a popup at 2nd Sundays on 2nd Ave in Crockett

Stone Dog Artistry's display at the first Second Sundays event in Crockett

Sugar City bags from Sugar City Sundrys in Crockett California


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