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1960s Zenza Bronica World Time Table Lighter

1960s Zenza Bronica World Time Table Lighter

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Currently non-functional. May need a new heating element.  Tested for continuity - the circuit is complete. 

A stunning Zenza Bronics table lighter, inspired by the iconic futuristic designs of the 60s! Behold the timeless elegance of this "WorldTime" model, boasting a sleek and sophisticated look that transcends eras. With its removable pen-style lighter, this masterpiece effortlessly combines form with function. Whether adorning your desk or serving as a conversation starter, this table lighter is sure to make a statement.

Please note: Our lighters are sold empty in compliance with postal regulations. They require refills and maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Unlock the power of nostalgia and functionality today with this exquisite table lighter.


Measures approximately 8" tall by 5" across at the base.  

Heating element does not work. Tested for continuity. 


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